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очки ray ban купить 40o
« on: December 14, 2013, 06:31:27 am »
Fashion designer Alexander McQueen hanged himself after cutting wrists and taking drugs overdose,очки ray ban купить
McQueen,michael kors horloge, who was worth an estimated 20million and was British designer of the year four times,louis vuitton árak, was "overwhelmed with grief" at the loss of his mother.
He had also tried to hang himself with his dressing gown cord in the shower but tried the wardrobe when the shower head buckled,chaussures louis vuitton.
Police found packets of a tranquilliser,louis vuitton táska ára, which has been used as a date **** drug,replica louis vuitton luggage, in McQueen's flat.
He had taken two drug overdoses in 2009,michael kors horloges sale, described as "cries for help".
His psychiatrist Dr Stephen Pereira said he struggled to cope with work,bonnet louis vuitton.
Pereira said: "He certainly felt very pressured by his work but it was a double edged sword,michael kors в москве.
"He felt it was the only area of his life where he felt he had achieved something,louis vuitton цены.
"Usually after a show he felt a huge comedown and he felt isolated,louis vuitton geldbörse, on a huge low."
He revealed that McQueen had felt betrayed by some of his friends,louis vuitton portemonnaie, whom he believed were only interested in his success   making him solitary and guarded.