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christian louboutin wikipedia 33z
« on: December 11, 2013, 12:33:57 pm »
'The Bachelor' Jason Mesnick dumps fiancee Melissa for runner
NEW YORK   "The Bachelor" has had a change of heart,christian louboutin wikipedia, leaving his fiancee in a lurch and viewers up in arms.
Jason Mesnick,michael cors, a 32 year old single dad, proposed to Melissa Rycroft in Monday night's season finale of the ABC reality dating show. But in the subsequent "After the Final Rose" special,cheap ugg boots uk 91x, taped six weeks after Mesnick's proposal,, he told Rycroft he was dumping her because he still had feelings for runner up Molly Malaney.
Every season of "The Bachelor" promises to be "the most dramatic yet," but the results of the Mesnick love triangle are sparking passionate discussion on Internet message boards and forums.
A post finale recap on Entertainment Weekly's website called Mesnick "an even bigger jackass than we thought." More than 1,700 comments have been posted in response,louis vuitton outlet store, many lashing out at the Seattle account executive for burning Rycroft in such a jarring fashion.
Especially since Rycroft,,louis vuitton online store 27p, a 25 year old sales representative from Dallas, had professed her love for him and excitement over being stepmom to Mesnick's three year old son,fake louis vuitton, Ty, from a previous marriage.
"Jason is such a loser and Melissa deserves a guy who is not a dog in disguise,okulary korekcyjne ray ban," said one poster on the site using the name "sprunginto." "With regard to this finale being better or worse than any other,louis vuitton outlet orlando 44g, it was really not a whole lot different except that the love birds managed to fall out of love in less time than usual, allowing ABC to milk this as a shocker."'
Mesnick even alienated one of his most public cheerleaders: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who lashed out at him and the show Tuesday on "The View."
"I really thought he was a good guy and he had his act together. . . . I am DONE with The Bachelor'!" said Hasselbeck,ray ban cena, aching for those "three hours of my life I will never get back."
Mesnick said on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show Monday that his relationship with Rycroft took a turn for the worse when production ended and they returned to reality. He said the chemistry was off and Rycroft "knew exactly what was going on" before her rejection at the "After the Final Rose" taping.
"I lived my honest, true life, and I developed feelings for two girls," he said, defending the switch.
ABC representative Cathy Rehl said Mesnick was unavailable for an interview Tuesday, Rehl did not respond to interview requests for "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison and producers.
Monday's two hour season ender was the highest rated program of the night with 15.45 million viewers,солнцезащитные очки ray ban, according to Nielsen Media Research. It's the most watched "Bachelor" finale since November 2003, when Bob Guiney picked Estella Gardinier. (That relationship fizzled out and Guiney married soap opera actress Rebecca Budig in the summer of 2004.)
If he had any self respect left, he should have given his relationship with Melissa a chance. You just don't break up an engagement for six weeks. What the hell was he talking about when he said,louis vuitton shop online, we spent all the holidays together . How many holidays could be there in 6 weeks? So that was what he was talking about on the show when he made his decision. he said,ray ban pt, I know what I am going to do . He couldn't wait to dump Melissa until after the Final Rose taping? Melissa was right. This Jason is not a man. Even my son who is 16 years old said, he would never humiliate a girl in front of million viewers. I hope Jason grows up before Ty does.