Author Topic: Police long to catch criminals by their own hands to find a job (Figure) _  (Read 67 times)

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's enthusiastic help, only to return home released prisoners bell Division of "home" to go,barbour outlet, and successfully found a job. The household: coincidence own police then arrested on April 12 this year, the South Stream shangxingzhen county police domicile room came a young man, asked the households. This man is the village bell Changchun Branch area, 2007 was jailed for extortion year and six months, has just released from prison,****" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">barbour france, is now back home on the account. "Bell Branch, you're back!" The familiar voice let Bell Branch covered with a shiver, he turned to look, it was then arrested and brought his hand Changxing long Deng Yongfeng Township police station. "How long to come back " Deng Yongfeng and chatted like old friends Zhong Ke homemade. "Almost a month. Been to like us," palace "of the people, what face thing " Bell said Division head down. "You're right idea yo. Did your crimes,cheap shoes, should be punished by law. Now you repent and return to the community, is an upright man and now you come back to prison, that the residents of our area, and police are all police for your service. "Deng Yongfeng said. Home visits: released prisoners to return home because they feel utterly destitute bell emotional depression, life seems to have lost confidence in the decision to Zhong Ke Deng Yongfeng home visits it. The next morning, Deng Yongfeng oil and several other police holding yards Bell Branch gifts came home to visit. In the Bell family, the police saw houses have collapsed half wall, a few old broken planks and plastic sheeting draped over unspent collapsed wall, barely propped up a broken ugly "tent", consisting of a piece of wood and a piece of straw. " bed ", above the clutter piled clothes and quilts. See the sudden arrival of the police station,christian louboutin, the fire bell families are quickly stood up to greet him. According to Bell Branch introduced his parents have passed away during his prison after serving several times finished their hometowns to find work fell through. Since there is no source of income, he can only rely on the resulting point during his imprisonment wages struggling to survive. "Something wrong is not terrible, you're under the age of 40, if we really want to change, we will re-accept you." Deng Yongfeng remarks, let Bell Branch had confused eyes flashed a ray of light. Helping: After police pull strings to help him find a job back to the police station, after some discussion we, the police department have developed a bell detailed "Helping plan." In order to improve the lives of Bell Branch, Branch police were donated for the bell, donated a total of more than 1,woolrich,000 objects and run the second generation ID card for free. In addition, the police department were also four bell inquire recruitment information to help him self-reliance. In their enthusiastic help of the police, Zhongke Shun Lee in Yibin a company to find a job. Recruitment contract signed that day, the bell Côte get excited, he felt he could straighten backs the man! Bell Branch said he would seriously have a good future every day. Text / Chart reporter Luo Yan Xu Xuan Tianfu You