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The vast China empire causes disturbance in the land, made 8,000,000 armed polices and more than 1,000,000 regular armies died hopeless situation to tie up.But circle circle then with the vision respecting adore looking at Li Longs, this not expanse dominantly body but be full of a legendary color, he expanded a from don't have of vast frontier empire,Burberry Sale, also draw on now the show ground talented person of the China superior empire to believe in him to follow him.
  Li Long is still continuing his own way of thinking to say:"This Portuguesely the warfare is the end one step that we extend site, according to Sun Wern's telegram say,Burberry Sale, quickly then a month, slowly then will all solve for most three months, here matter, should I made a trip everywhere, we launch rightness inside of war,Burberry Outlet Store, we wants to seek the foundation of each clan cooperation and fights for the peaceful parties that would like to cooperate with us,Burberry Outlet, is us for next year for a year of real key!Wife, you are me when the time comes civilian post suit."
  Portuguese congress meeting should be decide the meeting of the layer of Portuguese national policies tallest ground, although the back in this meeting, queen mother king's remaining confederates, the party feather of each blood royal, each nobility is factional, let the Portuguese land administration cure to have too many consociation, betrayal, trade existence, when all Portuguese blood royal nobilities sit upright to wait for a king here together square Suo six a life times appear of time,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, a group of person ground the quiet strain that the atmosphere is still an one.
  The Louis Si at this time count still sits upright in own seat top and even take to order disparaging taste Yang to wear a head to looking at vision dark to sink ground those nobility the elder statesmen walk to come in.All of these nobility elder statesmen complexionses aren't kind, after all lost colony they had no huge sum of income source and plused the economic blockade of China empire,Burberry Scarf, let they these refuse don't withdraw colony of the guys ate very big Kui.Their arrivals are more ostentatious than the blood royal's all big, a lot of grass root the nobilities Be all respectfullly polite to respectfully stand to say hello to them.Is very quick, nobility what the elder statesmen supported that don't deal with very much with Louis Si count wore virtuous Luo's prince to also arrive, public all respectfullly polite respectfully start accolade, wear virtuous Luo's prince however put a hand to sit to his he's position to place top go to, the atmosphere in the assembly hall is nervous and peculiar, everybody uses a look in the eyes to communicate each other.Only some people have ready plans to meet a situation, while some people then are just jittery, none of a lot of persons knows after this meeting,Burberry Outlet, the national policies of Portugal will exactly to where but go?
  The ground that grows a gallery spread a burst of miscellaneous in disorder the step voice ring,Louis Vuitton Sac, immediately after before seeing the entrance that two royal house attendants pick to open Lian son to stand at attention in the assembly hall, but big minister inside the temple?
   Burberry Scarf 0bMf  and gradually strong and toug